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Join The Artisan Loft

at Shoppes on the Hill

Become a member of The Artisan Loft room at the Shoppes on the Hill! Contact Sara Trimble at 606-923-6341 for full details.

  • FREE advertising on our website and our Facebook page (rules and restrictions apply).

  • Venues for showcasing products and services

Enjoy these benefits and more!!

Shoppes on the Hill invites you to apply to become a vendor in our new Artisan Loft room! This room is designed to assist our vendors in promoting and selling the products they create and make. The room will be available to the public during regular store hours, Weds – Saturday 11:00 - 4:00 (closed during the months of January and February each year). You may also be offered the opportunity to participate in special events sponsored by Shoppes on the Hill and the Artisan Loft (i.e. our annual Pot of Gold event).


The Artisan Loft room information for vendors:

  • Items must be created and made by the vendor themselves.

  • Each item must be properly marked with the vendor ID number provided by Sara Trimble, the price, and a short description (i.e. knitted hat).

  • Display of items will be handled by The Artisan Loft Marketing Director, Sara Trimble, to maintain aesthetic flow within the room.

  • If you have a display you use for your items, we would LOVE to have it so long as it fits the theme of the room and space available. Contact Sara to discuss it (see contact info below).

  • Vendors will NOT be required to be in the shop to sell their items. All sales will be handled by the Shoppes on the Hill.

  • Each vendor will be asked to pay a small monthly fee of $10 plus 5% of sales to help cover the cost of advertising, our rental of the room, access to the public to sell your items in a brick & mortar location, and someone to sell your products for you.

  • Pay out checks will be processed monthly.


Our Goal

Our goal is to have a variety of products to create a shopping experience that has something for everyone! The set-up style of the Artisan Loft room is a gift shop type theme. There will be no large booths available in this particular room. Sara has final say in products displayed to ensure uniformity, avoid excessive duplicate products, and to maintain the visual appeal and integrity of the room.

Application to Join

Please direct all questions to: Sara Trimble at

I,                                                                                           do hereby agree that I have read, understand, and agree to all of the following:

Thanks for applying to become a part of the Artisan Loft room. We will get back to you soon.

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